Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SUSAN is a featured speaker at Screenwriters World Conference in New York City April 5th

On April 5, I will be speaking at the Screenwriters World Conference in New York City, which is being held at the Sheraton Hotel April 5-7.

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My two workshops:
Boot Camp: Screenwriter's Marketing Package
Congratulations! You have completed your screenplay (or are close to finishing it). You’re gearing up for the submission process—but wait! Your screenplay may be brilliant, but you still need to know how to get it past the film industry’s gatekeepers. This means preparing a winning query letter, synopsis and one-sheet. In this crucially important session, you will learn the essentials tools for writing a query letter, synopsis, and one-sheet, how to successfully present your screenwriting marketing package, do’s and don’ts to marketing your screenplay and yourself, and how to follow up with the industry pros after submitting your marketing package.


Writing Successful Query Letters, Synopses and Loglines

Grabbing a film executive’s attention is the key to unlocking the movie industry’s door. Getting your script read by agents, producers, talent, and so on, requires not only writing a brilliant screenplay, it necessitates knowing how to professionally represent yourself and your work. This workshop will offer the essential tools on crafting winning queries, synopses, and loglines.


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